This is the yarn I have ready for starting the Groovyghan. In the pattern, the yarn requirements are 21 x 100g balls, seven colours, three of each.

Most of my yarn is single balls except for two shades of Knitpicks Brava.

So what I’m doing is using the Knitpicks Brava (old Turkey stock) in Sienna to tone things down a bit and bring a little cohesion into the blanket, plus some very small oddments of other Brava colours, and most of my new Willow Wash colours. Everything in the large clear bag plus the Ziploc is in.


I’ve shown you both sides of the big bag because all colours are visible that way.

What I haven’t included is black, white, cream, any other brown, and also these…

…because they make me think of baby pastels and don’t seem to fit into the 70s themed blanket!

Hook on!

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