Crafting with a friend




Arm knitting at a friend’s house today…
Three types of yarn from Michaels; went into the store with a 50% coupon, used it for the Zoomba; bought the two balls of clearance “popcorn” yarn for $1.99 each; and the Charisma was on sale at half price.

Excellent, I thought, an arm knitted infinity scarf for $11. Except it’s better than that, because I just made two of them out of this yardage. Woot!

Afterwards I crocheted another flower block for the Groovyghan…


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  1. Ooh, yay arm knitting! I still have yet to finish an attempt at it, but I hope it worked out for you! I like the yarns, by the way, and what a great deal for them at that!

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