Flower block #4 ‘n stuff


It’s nighttime and the colours are a little off, but this is flower block #4 for my Groovy-scrap-ghan. The centre is lurid pink (it’s actually called Lurid), flower is purple, outer colour is the Aruba blue which I used for the knitted sweater.

I really must hit the sack, but I will say that I had an interesting evening. I went to a sound healing session at a local winery. It involved focusing on our chakras, breathing and toning, then lying down and listening to sounds made by didgeridoo, rattle, drum, Himalayan singing bowls and voice.

It was pretty chilly by the end, though, and I had the heat blasting in the car on the way home.

Earlier today, Tai Chi Man was out in the backyard digging up turf and planting fall bulbs to make things pretty in the spring. While he was doing that, I was making carrot and coconut soup, cake, chocolate filling, raspberry frosting, and cashew nut roast. These days I often Google recipes for new ideas and this time I searched a cashew nut recipe. I had the idea to make a loaf-type thing, but ended up finding a recipe for cashews and vegetables surrounded in puff pastry, so I made a sort of rough puff pastry (which I learned to make many moons ago at school) and assembled it ready for tomorrow’s dinner.

It’s nice to have a large part of the preparation done the day before.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a pleasantly non-rainy afternoon tomorrow so we can keep to our plan to walk with friends.

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  1. We tried 2 new recipes for dinner yesterday … roasted squash and carrots with a maple syrup glaze and a roasted red potatoes, onions, beans, zucchini recipe. Both were delicious and we’ll be making them again. I love to cook ahead as well, that comes from my working day, but I still do it now I’m retired.

  2. Sounds divine, Mrs Crafty! I recently made kabocha squash mashed with coconut milk and it was pretty good too.

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