We have a winner


And finally, a winner has been drawn for the 100-follower giveaway. A long-time follower of my blog, Crafty Gardener, has won and expressed an interest in the green headwrap.

I have contacted her via her blog to let her know.

I had a crafty day today. I went to the pottery studio to use up the last of my and ds2’s clay (made a few small things including a couple of spoon rests and a pot for Tai Chi Man to use in the bathroom for his toothbrush) this morning. And the afternoon was the weekly library drop-in at which I finished another flower square for the Groovy-scrap-ghan and added 8 more stripes to the stripe strip.

I’m looking forward to glazing night tomorrow, and when it’s all been fired I can bring it home, get it photographed and blog about it! I think I shall have to get Tai Chi Man to use his decent camera for the photography, as the iPad has only limited abilities.


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  1. Thank you so much. I’ve emailed off my info. It’s warm right now but I know that cold weather is heading our way and I’ll be needing your headwrap to keep me warm.

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