A little more updating


The boring crochet hook pic has gone, replaced by a portion of a beautiful photo I saw on Facebook the other day. Much prettier, and it even goes quite well with the green background. Also I have checked all the blog links in the sidebar and deleted a few which have not been active for some time. If you have a blog which you’d like me to add to my sidebar (thereby possibly directing more traffic to your site) please leave a comment. Ideally I’d like it to be something relevant to my theme, such as crochet, knitting, veganism, that sort of thing. And active! Regular posts really keep me interested in following a blog.

Actually, my next job should be to look at my WordPress blog feed and add those to the list. I have been remiss at keeping it up to date.

I am helping to teach kids knitting and crochet at the local library this afternoon, so I’d better get on and eat lunch so that I can get there early to photocopy some handouts. Hope your day is fantabulous!

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