Granny Hexagon Love


Not something I do very often, but I love this post by Crocheting Long Islander. Colourful hexagons. Thinking that I might set a goal for one (smallish) granny square or hexagon every day in 2015.

Wishing on a Yarn Ball

I’ve been really good this past week and crocheted a hexagon for every single day! I am ready to be finished with this project and to see the final result. Although it’s not going to be 365 hexagons like it was originally planned to be, its still going to look beautiful. I would say it’s a little over half way now, I really want to be done by December so that I could work on Christmas presents. Because as crocheters we all know our whole families are expecting handmade things :p


This is my favorite section. The colors are amazing here ^^



Tried taking the picture with flash and it came out weird. Now I just have to join them all together.


That’s what the join looks like.

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