The Groovyghan now has one brown sc border round, one green sc border round, and I have started on the ripple edging along one long side (the purple and teal). It’s just the right time of year to be working on a blanket, sitting on the couch in my pjs. The only thing missing is a cup of tea, but it is a bit late for that.

I tried to get a decent shot of my hair today – this one is probably the best, taken in the bathroom mirror. Manic Panic hair colour again, bright pink and purple (can’t remember the exact shades as I didn’t buy them myself). Went over to a friend’s house today, she did the colouring and trimming, and another friend bought the dye. We all ended up with varying quantities of pink and purple hair!


I feel like I should probably exploit the witchy hair for Halloween but I don’t know whether I still have a cape I can use. I sewed one a few years ago and will have to go looking in closets to see if I still have it.

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  1. Witchy hair is the best! Mines green at the ends, Think I scared quite a few children on the train yesterday. with it being so close to Halloween I think they thought I might actually be a witch! I need to try manic panic, I’ve heard good things

  2. 😄 yes, manic panic is great – vegan and cruelty free, wide neck tub, no mixing so you can dip the brush in, use some, and seal the rest up for later.

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