Jacob’s Ladder hat


This hat is from a video tutorial on bobwilson123’s You Tube channel, and accompanying free pattern on Clare’s website, bobwilson123.org.

I’m still having problems with Safari since the iOS updates so please forgive my lack of direct links at the moment. I’m considering researching alternative browsers because having these glitches and freeze-ups is very frustrating. (ETA managed to add video link above)

Anyway, I went to the library drop-in today and started this hat, and then finished it off this evening at home. It’s made with some mystery acrylic that I bought at the recent garage sale – it feels like Red Heart Supersaver or similar. The construction is interesting – for the crown, between the regular double crochets you work chain sixes which are then hooked up to make textural ribs up the body of the hat.

It was coming out a bit big, so while working the hdc brim I decreased 6 stitches on two rows out of the seven.

This will be passed to my friend who is collecting for the women’s shelter.



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