I am glad and a little sad that the Groovy-scrap-ghan is all done.

I have loved crocheting this blanket. The colours and different blocks made it so much fun. Today I was so close to finishing that I stayed up late (with some more Ally McBeal) to finish it. (I am very thankful for that extra hour.)

When I pulled the yarn through that last stitch, I only had ONE tail to weave in as I’d been crocheting over the tails as much as possible and weaving in here and there where necessary.

Ideally it should probably have a gentle turn through the washer and dryer by way of blocking. But first I will take it to the drop-in tomorrow to show it off!

I have more plans for granny squares – a kitchen curtain, cushion covers, chair seat covers – but I’m wondering whether a little knitting might be a better idea, a palate cleanser as it were. We shall see…I am currently WIPless.

Have a happy week (c:

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  1. There isn’t actually any black. The outer edge is dark brown. I think this blanket would look good in a black/grey/white combination too, maybe with one bright colour.

  2. Its difficult to work out dark colours in photos sometimes. Ive ordered yarn before ( espcially when it has a strange name) for it to turn up & say i didnt order that did I?
    Your blanket looks really good.

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