Cool coils




Looking at this bowl from above, it’s pretty, but the magic is underneath.

The construction was fun. I cut out a circle and placed it inside a bowl mould. Then I made coils – the sort of thing I used to make as a child out of Plasticine (do you remember that stuff?) Wormy coils in spirals placed against the initial circle, then little blobs to fill in the gaps, and three rows of more worms all around the edges. A bit like making a granny square blanket, putting the squares together, then crocheting a border.

After all that was done, the inside was smoothed out so that there were no holes. The Floating Blue glaze again brilliantly highlights the texture.

Love it!

The only other item that I was able to pick up today (the rest are still sitting in the kiln room awaiting their turn) was this spoon rest for my kitchen.


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  1. Love the spirals, just sent A Dark and Stormy Night. Bring me up to speed with you. Have you here on the 13th for sure and love, J.

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