Learning lessons from slapdashery


Do you remember my Brick Sweater? I finished it a little while ago and was so pleased to be nearing the end that I bound off the ribbed cuffs after three inches of knit one, purl one.

Theoretically the sleeves were just the right length, and the cuffs matched the welt and all seemed good. However I found that when I wore the sweater the sleeves seemed to ride up a little. And it annoyed me. I found myself pulling the sleeves over my hands and was reminded that my original plan was to extend the cuffs and make thumbholes in them.

Well, today I grabbed the sweater, unpicked the bind off, and knitted way more ribbing. Another three inches of it. With thumbholes.

I have a suspicion that the ball of yarn I used was from a different dye lot, however, as it seems to me that the cuff extensions are a teensy bit darker than the rest. I don’t think anyone will notice when I’m wearing it.

Score one for top-down construction!


And the other project I’ve been playing with is some granny hexagons (hexagrannies?) for a kitchen cafe curtain. I’m not loving it though – the yarn is somewhat scratchy. Not a great photo…


The winter weather arrived today. A north wind is blowing, and I had to wear a jacket to go walking. We dug up the carrots and tucked them away in the cold store room. And evenings I am now looking forward to layering up the pyjamas and lap blankets!

The forecast is for single digits (mostly negative ones) all week. Keep warm out there!

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