Crochet hat recipe


(old post edited for typo which I noticed as I wanted to make another of these hats)

This is a very quick hat idea that developed on the hook. I used three strands of worsted weight acrylic (the label says Woolcrest 4 ply and it is a light worsted, in my opinion). (Photos at end – remember you can print this using the ‘share’ button at the bottom of the post, and presumably will have the option of only printing certain pages if you don’t want to use lots of ink on photos.)

Hook size 6.5mm/K
Button approx 3/4 to 7/8 of an inch diameter

Gauge really doesn’t matter as long as you are happy with your fabric. Not too dense, not too loose (FYI my gauge was 9dcs to 4″).

I made simple notes as I went, so you will need to use your common sense as you make the crown. You need to increase as necessary to keep the crown flat.

This is endlessly adjustable for size, as the diameter of the crown determines the circumference of the hat. The depth is up to you, depending on how many rounds you work before finishing off.

Start by making a Magic Ring (or make a few chain and join with a slipstitch into a circle).

Ch3, Dc into ring until a flat circle is formed (about 9dc).

Continue in a spiral by working about 3 dc into the side of the initial ch3, inc as necessary (I worked 2dc into every stitch until it looked like it was time to increase into every alternate stitch) until crown measures approx 5.5″ in diameter. (This gave me a finished circumference of about 19.5″ which fitted Sally the styrofoam head perfectly, so it will fit a girl/small woman. It’s a bit small for me. If you want a bigger result, add another round of dc.)

A way to estimate the final circumference is to multiply the diameter of the flat crown by Pi (3.14). This is only a rough estimate as it usually comes out a bit bigger than your calculation.

Work without increasing until depth, with hat laid flat, from magic ring to edge, is about 7″. Measure your circumference and try on for size.

Don’t fasten off.

Buttonhole extension:
When you work in a spiral, you get a stepped effect where your last stitch is, so you have the option of working a hdc, then a sc, then a ss, and finishing off here.
However I added an extension for a button, so that the hat could be tightened further by pushing a button between any of the stitches.

Ch12, turn, dc into 4th ch from hook, dc into each ch (9dc + turning ch)
Ch 1, fasten off, leave enough yarn to sew last dc worked to last one on hat.
Whip stitch dcs tog across the gap.
Weave in ends, making sure to knot at the crown if using magic ring.

Sew button to hat to match up with end of buttonhole strip (using one strand of yarn).
Button in between any two dcs.




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  1. I’d love to share an image and link to your Crochet Hat Recipe in a roundup of patterns for Wear Red Day, an event in the United States to help promote awareness of women’s heart disease.

    If I have permission to include your photo in the roundup image, please let me know. Thank you.

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