More pots


Sadly, I am still missing one of my creations. I just couldn’t find it anywhere at the studio so will have to talk to the owner and see if she knows where it is. The majority of my pots are now home, however.


These two little bowls were the absolute end of my clay and I was just doing my best to finish it up.


One of these is a spoon rest and the other is a two-part soap dish. I think this one will work better than my oval ones, which are too flat to stop the soap from sliding off. Learned a good lesson there!


These two are pinch pots with lids. The edges look a little messy as I had to apply wax to the surfaces that touch. They are fired with the lids on to retain the shape. The one with the solid knob on top is what I call my dragon’s egg.


Two shots of the mug. This is the one that had the pasta letters pressed into the side. Most of the letters are just visible though the glaze rather filled them in. The L of “Nicola” is most obvious as there seems to be no glaze in it at all!

And finally, the kitchen caddy. It has a teeny holder at one end for my Lee Valley cleaning brushes (they are like mascara brushes for cleaning straws etc). The flat area will hold a wire soap pad and a nail brush, and the tall section will hold a brush or sponge. I haven’t tested it yet. The construction of the tall part was inspired by a library book photo. It’s just a rectangle curved into an S shape and joined.

I am enjoying using what I made. Every day when I use my toothpaste I admire my little pot, and yesterday I had three balls of yarn in the yarn bowl with the strands feeding through the spiral.


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