Lanesplitter progress


The triangle is growing. The sides are 16″ long now and when I reach 20″ I’ll stop increasing. Well, I’ll decrease on one side and increase on the other so that I get a straight section on the bias.

This photo shows the colours lighter than they really are, but I love the variations in the yarn.


The pattern has you knit a cotton ribbed waistband and add elastic, but I haven’t decided how to handle that yet. I’ll see how it looks when the main part is done.

I just completed two full days at the fabric store. I’m learning a lot about the different facets of the job…cutting fabric and writing out the bills, dealing with customers’ questions, packaging remnants for sale, etc…and my feet are sore! No shift tomorrow and just five hours on Sunday, so that will be more manageable.

Of course the danger of working in a place like that is that you mentally spend your pay on all the pretty fabric that you see! But as I have the incentive of my pay creating a vacation fund for us, I will be reining in my spending!

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  1. Thank you. There is a little mistake near one edge where I dropped something around an increase and didn’t fix it quite right, but I don’t think anyone else will ever see it!

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