All done


Lanesplitter is finished. I had a bit of a push to the finish because I am thinking of wearing it tomorrow. My hands were a little tired after half of the K2P2 ribbing but I carried on.

I knotted the elastic – I probably should have sewn it but I wanted to be able to adjust it if necessary. Of course, the casing is all sewn up now so it’s unlikely that I will do that!


I recently bought two turtleneck tops for winter in colours that I don’t wear often. Black and bright pink. I much prefer teal or turquoise, but those weren’t options. And in fact black and pink will work perfectly with this skirt, so maybe it was just meant to be.

My next project will be a Secret Santa gift for work. I’m sure none of my new colleagues will be reading my blog so I can show you this yarn.



We were out doing errands today. Ds3 wanted to go to Best Buy to use a gift card, and the LYS just happens to be on the way. Tai Chi Man thought I was joking when I told him to stop at the yarn store, but I assured him I wasn’t!

This is James C Brett Marble Chunky again (same brand as the skirt) in a much brighter colourway. The project I’m planning is the Luscious One Skein Cowl from Moogly which is crocheted and looks quick and simple. I found the pattern on Ravelry but that link goes straight to Moogly.

The Christmas party is mid-December and the budget is $20, so that works well. And it will be the sort of gift-giving where you bring something that’s wrapped, someone will pick it from the pile, open it, and possibly have someone else “steal” it from them, etc etc, until all gifts are opened. The benefit is that as I don’t know who the ultimate recipient will be I don’t need to figure out something that the giftee will like – I can just make something I like!

OK, now I’m off to Ravelry to update my project page 🙂

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