Skirting the issue


Ha, sorry, I do love a pun. The main part of Lanesplitter is now done and seamed. I haven’t actually tried it on yet, but I will do so before adding any ribbing, I bought a length of waistband elastic yesterday in a rather lovely purple – I know no one will see it but it matches the skirt so well.

Photos show both sides, I think the idea is to wear it with the seam at the side and, as you can see, the colour changing yarn makes for a rather obvious join. I did however make sure that the garter ridges matched up.



It was a good day at work yesterday. A couple of scheduling wrinkles were ironed out, I took in some baked goods (made from Betty Goes Vegan by Annie and Dan Shannon) which went down well, and had a soak in a hot bath when I returned home. I must be meeting some unfamiliar germs because I feel like I am fending something off, so have been supplementing with vitamins and putting oregano oil on my feet.

We had wet snow yesterday but it didn’t hang around and today dawned bright and sunny. Hope you have a fun and yarny weekend.

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