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Tired tonight, and work in the morning, so I’m having an early night. But first, here’s a not-very-sharp-but-that’s-probably-a-good-thing photo! Soft focus is good when you get to be over 50!

I wore the skirt today and it was very comfortable indeed.


Tonight I started on the Luscious Cowl, though I think that the yarn used by the designer must be more thick and smooshy because her stitches look way more ‘filled in’ or dense than mine. Because the Marble Chunky comes in such a huge skein (200g) I made my cowl longer and I think I will also make it wider, so instead of finishing it in one evening it will take two. No big deal.

If I make this again, I will use an 8mm hook rather than a 9, I think. I dislike using blunt plastic hooks, preferring the aluminum ones, but I think the metal ones only go up to 6.5mm.


I have an 8 hour shift tomorrow, so I’m off to bed!

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