Luscious One Skein Cowl FO


Another Finished Object tonight, the Cowl I started last night.

I doubt that the colours are going to display well, so I may try a daylight shot tomorrow, though this morning wasn’t much for natural light. I drove to work in rain, it was three degrees and I actually lost traction in the parking lot at work and thought I was going to end up embedded in the side of another car. Note to self: paving can still be icy above zero!


The stitch pattern is simple but a little more interesting than plain old double crochet.


I added length to this, using 96 foundation single crochets instead of 72, and that made it long enough to double it around the neck. I also added four extra rows to make it wider. It’s 43 inches in circumference and 7.5 inches wide.


This last photo probably has the best colour. Now that this is done, I can think about a crocheted vest to go with my knitted skirt.

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  1. Just sent The Caregivers to Andre. Thanks for that. We told you we LOVE the skirt and picture and love to all from Jeanette

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