Vest squares



I didn’t get to touch my crochet hook for a couple of days because Friday and Saturday were work days and there was other stuff going on, and then today was an all day dharma class which was very fulfilling but, again, tiring.

However I whipped up a couple more squares tonight making a total of four smaller ones and one large one, so the back of the vest is done. Of course they aren’t sitting very flat as they need some blocking, or maybe just a good wash and dry when assembled.

Looking at the coat design in the original photo tutorial, I will need 12 squares for each front plus a little more yarn for edging the fronts and neck, if I go that route. Hoping I have enough yarn.

The photo is showing the colours paler than I see them.

So what was I learning about today? Wu Wei, flexibility and detaching from form. We are studying and discussing the 15 Buddha guidelines and also trying to remember to put them into practice in our daily lives. As usual, we shared some amazing vegetarian food so returned home spiritually and physically fed. And now I really must go to bed…….zzzzzzzzz!

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