The awesome vest continues


My yarn has nearly run out. I have made one large square for the upper back and 20 smaller ones, which I think may be enough. I steam blocked them to 16″ for the large one and 8″ square for the smaller ones.


The leftover yarn is probably not enough to seam the squares together. I also want to add an edging along the front/neck. So I’ll have to pick up another ball tomorrow.

It’s so close to being done though so I’m looking forward to wearing it with my Lanesplitter skirt.

Next, I’m going to make cushion covers for my dining room chairs from the Knitpicks Brava (in Currant) and my multiple Willow Wash colours.

I have to show you this before I sign off…

What can I say?! I love Hello Kitty!

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  1. The vest will be great AND the cat is adorable. Did I tell you we took lots of pictures in Spokane in front of a huge Christmas tree so we can make a new year card to send via email in January! Blog and iphoto in your future! See you soon and love, J.

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