Boxing Day


Good morning!

Boxing Day dawned quite bright and clear which is lovely to see. Tai Chi Man, being in our home island of Jersey, is suffering from excessive damp! Here I’m running the dehumidifier when someone has had a shower, but compared to Jersey we have a really dry climate.

My father-in-law’s home is an old converted barn with thick granite walls and no damp course. It is tucked up close to a hillside which streams all year round, and the walls suck up the water. The house is always damp. Book pages curl, Q-tips go fuzzy, salt clumps! And the only heating is a plug-in electric heater in the living room.

I live in a 70s bi-level, which is ordinary and typical of its era, on a lot that is almost half an acre. The driveway could fit at least 6 cars. If we hadn’t emigrated, we’d probably still be living in a house half this size with a pocket handkerchief sized garden with parking for one car! And constantly fighting mould.

I’m feeling very grateful for my Canadian house, with its gas furnace and open fireplaces. (We lit a fire last night as a special treat. Ds1 chopped wood and it was very cosy.)

The gift-giving was entertaining last night for its simplicity and predictability. We all knew most of the things that were under the tree. I received four bars of chocolate, including one from myself! (I saw the Godiva chocolate at London Drugs and had to get it.) Ds1 gave me a Willow Yarns gift certificate, which just goes to show that hints really do work sometimes!

And good news about Willow Yarns – I placed an order a couple of days before Christmas for yarn to make two gifts. The day afterwards, I realized I had wanted to try Addi Swing crochet hooks and they have them, so I emailed to see if they could add one to my order (I asked for the 5.5mm one, so I can use it for my next afghan). Today I had a reply and they’ve added it on. Shipping is rather slow with Willow but I have other things to make in the meantime.

I finished one of the granny square chair seat covers but I need to work out a good way of attaching it to the chair so it doesn’t look bad. Right now, it’s attached to my chair at the corners but needs to be anchored along the sides. Photos eventually!

I think my plans for making further food will have to be adjusted to allow for the fact that we still have lots of leftovers/baking to eat up. Of course.

So I’ll wish you all a happy new year and sign off, as I have a friend coming for tea at 11am and need to get ready.

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