As it turned out…


I lied! I didn’t swatch for the knitted sweater. I picked up the new crochet hook and made a small swatch for the Abstract Cats Afghan, from which I estimated how many chains to make for a blanket for a big guy.

I think I did 162. Whatever, it worked out perfectly as far as stitch repeats go. I have found a few anomalies with this pattern. The tutorial video for the drop stitch shows you drawing up a loop twice and then doing another YO and drawing through all five loops on the hook. The written method misses out the final step. Also according to my calculations the beginning chain should be a multiple of 5 + 2. The pattern says only a multiple of 5. However that leaves you short for the final two dcs. And on the first row, the foundation row for setting up the pattern, you are instructed to work 2 dcs at the beginning, but with the turning chain it looks like 3 stitches and doesn’t match up with the row above. So I worked only one dc in addition to the turning chain.

I’m very glad I made a little sample on 20 stitches before messing up on 160!

As you can see, the turquoise stitch groups do look like little cat heads.

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  1. It’s a lovely stitch pattern but I tweeked it a little too when I used it although I can’t remember what I did lol. I found I kept forgetting to do the drop stitches at the ends of the piece too which was frustrating,

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