Yarn in the mail from Willow Yarns


It’s always a good day when yarn arrives in the mail! I was supposed to be working 8 hours today but business was slow so I was sent home at 1pm. I found two boxes sitting on the doormat when I returned home, one from Amazon for Tai Chi Man and one for me.

The Night/Basalt/Turquoise combination is for a birthday afghan for ds1. I think I am safe in saying he doesn’t read my blog so I don’t have to be secretive about that. The Catalina Blue bulky and the red worsted is for a sweater. It’s known as the Wishbone Sweater, and also the Hurry-up Last-Minute sweater in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac, December chapter. And there is also my new Addi Swing 5.5mm crochet hook.

So, two projects lined up. I probably should start by swatching for the sweater (or starting a sleeve as a gauge swatch) as I want that finished sooner than the afghan.

But first I need to bake bread to go with the slowcooker stew.



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