Enjoying the cats


Now that I’ve completed eight rows of the abstract cats, I’m enjoying it. The yarns are contrasting nicely, the Addi hook is comfortable, and I quickly worked out how much to extend the loops for a drop stitch that was long enough but didn’t look too loose or messy.


The sweater, for which I had all good intentions, is stalled. I really wanted to use my Knit Picks Harmony aka rainbow wood Interchangeables, size 11 (8mm), but I needed a gauge of 2.5 sts/inch and I wasn’t getting that. I started knitting a sleeve as a gauge swatch at Elizabeth Zimmermann’s suggestion. I tried some bamboo circs in a 9mm but they are not as slick as the Harmonies, the gauge is still not right and the cable is a bit short for magic loop. I’m going to have to visit my LYS and get a 10mm circ, maybe in metal, to knit this sweater.

The Red Heart Unforgettable scarf grew a bit today as I took it to work. I only had about 15 minutes to knit on it in my lunch hour, but it’s better than sitting there looking at an old magazine or twiddling my thumbs!

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