Wishbone sweater


I was out and about today and went to my favourite LYS to buy new circs. My interchangeable set only goes to 8mm/US11, and I needed at least a 10mm to get close to gauge for the sweater.

I loved the look of the Knitters Pride Dreamz, which are the same construction as my Knit Picks ones and a nice shade of green. However I wasn’t sure that 32″ would be long enough for magic looping, and when I took them out of the package I felt that the joins between the needle tips and cable would catch the stitches. So instead I bought the Hiya Hiya stainless steel 40″ circs, which are nice and slick. The cable is a bit too springy though – I may have to give it the hot water treatment.

Tonight I started on the sleeve (again) and darn it, I’m close enough. Instead of 10 sts/in I’m getting 11, so I will add 6 sts to the body and tweak the percentages as per EZ’s instructions.

Here’s the book I’m using, and the sweater is the upside down one at the bottom of the cover photo.


As for the Willow Wash Bulky, it’s actually a super bulky, and very loosely spun. I’m hoping that it will turn out to be a good choice.

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