Has it really been a week?


Just checked the date of my last post and it looks like it was a week ago.

All I can say is, it’s been a busy week – well, busier than usual anyway. Wednesday, I took ds2 and ds3 up to Big White for some snowboarding. It was our first foray onto the snow this winter but it didn’t take long to remember what to do. It’s the boys fourth winter of boarding – only my second.

The floodlights were only working for one lift and two runs, so they were offering a discount on the lift tickets, and having driven all the way there we weren’t about to turn around and go home without any fun. I’m glad to say the drive there and back went safely, as did the snowboarding, and the sore muscles afterwards were totally worth it!

I have made progress on the Wishbone sweater and the Abstract Cats afghan. Maybe not as much as you’d expect in a week, but that’s okay.

I have a sleeve and 7″ of the body done…



And 10″ of the afghan…


I’m alternating between them, because while I’d like to get the sweater finished first, there’s a limit to how much dark blue stockinette one can knit in one sitting, even with Bones on Netflix!! Which I openly admit to being addicted to.

Work tomorrow, and then a blissful minimally-committed week.

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