Not a very exciting update


Another week has whizzed by and some more progress has been made on two of my WIPs. The cat afghan is now 17″ long (that’s only an average of an inch of growth per day). Hmm, I need to spend less time on the iPad and more actually crocheting and knitting.

The sweater is at this point…

As you can see from the crappy evening photo, the body is done up to 17.5″ long, the first sleeve is still at 17″ and the second is up to 9″. I’m really not sure how long to make the sleeves and body before joining for the yoke. It’s a non-standard yoke, where the back and front are decreased away making an interesting inverted V shape at the neckline. I always overthink sweaters like crazy, because I don’t want to do lots of knitting only to have it come out badly.

Very soon, I will have to make a definite decision and stick with it, because I will have to join body and sleeves and work the yoke, which I’m looking forward to.

Maybe if I wait for another whole week before blogging, the sweater might actually be finished! We shall see…

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