Early Spring cleaning?


A bee in my bonnet had me making a list of each room in the house so that I could give each one a good clean and clearout. Well, that was maybe a week or two ago, and today I found the motivation to start.

I started downstairs. I usually do that, I think because then I’m more likely to work my way up to the main living areas. If I started upstairs, I might give up, telling myself that no one was going to see the downstairs rooms so it doesn’t matter anyway!

The bathroom was done first. Not a big job, as it doesn’t get used much. It doesn’t look a lot different when cleaned – it’s dated! Then the hallway where the gas furnace and hot water tank are. Lots of webs and dust there. Then the office – again, it really just needed dusting and vacuuming. Then the smallest bedroom which has all the fitness equipment in it.

This is where it turned into more of a workout. I emptied the bottom part of the closet, transferred any craft items to the other room, dusted, vacuumed, cleared the shelf that’s an integral part of the basement wall. I was collecting lots of organic salad containers, having used them in the past for storing yarn. No more! They are in the recycling.

Now it looks very stark – a Nordictrack (hasn’t been used for a very long time), a weights bench and loose weights, and a rebounder. Plus a bookshelf that holds a bunch of books that we don’t want to part with, including a set of Encyclopedias that Tai Chi Man bought maybe 36 years ago!


Once that was done, I moved on to my craft room (previously ds1’s bedroom). That had a major upheaval. The sofa bed was moved to a different wall so I could set up the big cutting table that I used to use. A few storage pieces that ds1 left behind when he moved out were chucked out to make more room. He has been told to come and get them if he wants them, or they are headed for a thrift store. I recycled, tossed, rearranged and vacuumed like mad and finally the room looked clean and tidy.

The sofa bed and cutting table (I’m amazed that these both fit in the room at the same time)…


The shelves in the closet area (no doors) are organised better now. The plastic drawer unit fits in the alcove where the door is, and the door can still open far enough…


My sewing machine and threads on the left, yarn stash and pattern books on the right…


Well, that’s a good start. I have been threatening to clean up my boys’ bedrooms soon, and as they see me gradually making my way closer and closer maybe they’ll take me seriously (c:

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