Wishbone sweater is coming together


(Otherwise known as The Hurry Up Last Minute Sweater in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac.)

I had to get over my angst about the body and sleeve lengths and get the heck on with this sweater. It’s hard – I don’t know exactly how much depth the yoke is going to add and I want the fit to be right. In the end I went for about 18″ in the body and 20″ sleeves.

When I picked it up to work on it tonight, after having joined the three pieces last time and knitting a few rows, I realised I’d missed working in my wraps on the two short rows I did. I was able to rescue those with a crochet hook.

After about an hour, I’ve had enough. I think I will defect to the crochet afghan now.

Yesterday I went to the local library to help with teaching crochet and knitting to some 8-12 year olds. It went well, but I’m not sure how many of the subsequent classes I’ll be able to go to, what with work and family commitments.

I had a productive cleaning day today. The living/dining room is now fully dusted, vacuumed and decluttered. Then I moved on to ds2’s room. Oh my, he had a lot of dust in there. His floor is now clear, the clothes hung up, the dust bunnies evicted!

Another item crossed off my To Do list.

I’m up to Season 8 of Bones on Netflix. I don’t know whether there is a season 9, but I may be looking for a good substitute soon. Any recommendations?

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