A little stash enhancement


Sadly, the Basalt (grey) and Night (black) were not in stock when I placed this order with Willow Yarns. However I’ve added some white and light grey to my stash, plus some other bright colours that were missing from my collection.

The Cooked Quince colourway, which is what I would call raspberry pink, is destined to be Thorin’s Hooded Cowl, a pattern for a shoulder warmer/hood that I found on Ravelry. It’s a free Ravelry download. Shame I can’t justify casting on right now, as I want to finish the Wishbone sweater first.
(First view upon opening the box…)

(Second layer…)



I was disappointed that the free shipping was not an option when I placed this order. It seems, from comments I’ve seen on Facebook and Ravelry, that US customers are still being offered free shipping over $50. But not Canadians. Poop! I still bought this yarn as I had a gift certificate to spend, and I may still want to get some of the Basalt and Night to add to the border of the Cats afghan, but once again I will be researching alternative sources.

The afghan is coming along well, actually, with most of the yarn converted into stitches, and I could use the turquoise that arrived today for the border if I decide not to order any more black and grey.

My muscles are nice and sore today. Our whole family went skiing/snowboarding yesterday at Apex resort near Penticton, BC, for Family Day. Half price lift tickets and rentals…yay!

Hot tub and swimming pool tonight – that should help.

And finally…an edit to add a most important extra. An image of Thorin Oakenshield, the best-looking dwarf ever!


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