On the home stretch



The Wishbone/December Hurry Up Last Minute Sweater is almost there.

I took the sweater with me to a coffee shop last night, while ds2 was at the movies with a friend. I forgot to take the pattern book with me, but thankfully remembered what I was supposed to do. The yoke was finished with only a small amount of yarn to spare.

Tonight I have been weaving the armpits and adding hems. The cuffs are done and the neck is under way. I like the contrasting apple red with the navy blue.

This wasn’t much of a fast sweater, as I haven’t been giving it my undivided attention, but it could have been! The yoke is really deep and the total length of the sweater is 30 inches plus. I’m hoping it looks okay. I think I could have proceeded with EZ’s original numbers, even with my tighter gauge, and ended up with a better fit. We shall see. So far the only trying-on has been tonight when I bound off the neck and made sure it wasn’t too tight to go over my head.

The next couple of days may be too busy to work on this project, but I will have some road trip knitting time soon, and a little cabin with a private hot tub to enjoy with my husband! And yes, the knitting and crochet will go with me. (My sister once said disbelievingly, “You take your knitting with you?!” Well, yes, dear sister…after all, even on a retreat with one’s significant other, one cannot be in bed ALL the time!)

On that note, I think it’s time to sign off and get some sleep!

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