It’s the weekend…


…and I’m snuggled in at a cosy cabin with Tai Chi Man. It’s so much warmer than our house – I can sit here in my thin pjs rather than layering with the fleece ones plus a sweater that I usually wear at home!

We heard from the boys (who are at home) tonight. They were cooking their dinner and needed to know the temperature and time for oven fries, and there was a slight issue with the oven door (one of them slid the latch across that is only to be used when running the self-clean cycle and of course it couldn’t be opened until the oven cooled down a bit). All was well in the end (no burnt food).

We watched a movie (The Adjustment Bureau) and I’ve started reading a book called Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes.

We’ve been to this cabin a few times now, usually in December. There is some snow around, but not as much as we’d hoped. We brought our snowshoes with us but I’m not sure whether the trails will be sufficiently covered.

Oh yes, my brain just remembered the main reason for this post. The sweater! The sweater swamps Tai Chi Man – it is way too big 😦 When we get back I will try it on and if there is little likelihood of me wearing it I will offer it to ds1 who is a little taller and quite a bit wider than his dad!

Have a great weekend.

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