Crochet Sunday


Saturday was arm knitting day, today is crochet day. We spent our last few hours at the cabin enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning, which for me included some crochet on the Abstract Cat afghan.

I continued with it on the drive home, and also wove in some ends down one side, so as not to leave them all to the end.

The afghan is currently about 40.5″ square, and I have one ball of each of the colours left (out of four of each).

I think I will continue until I can go no further, ending with a turquoise strip to match the beginning, and then, rather than order more black and grey, I’ll border it with more turquoise.

Either that, or I’ll go to Michaels with a coupon and get a mega ball of their black Impeccable and border it with that.

I have six more weeks until the deadline for this project. Would it be naughty of me to cast on for Thorin’s Hooded Cowl before then?!


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  1. Thank you. Had to make them masculine and at the same time something I’d like to work with.

  2. Yes, black would be best I think. Hopefully I’ll get a 40% coupon for Michaels in the next week or two!

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