Abstract Cat afghan FO


I had a little of each colour left but made an executive decision that the blanket was big enough (and I didn’t want to run out in the middle of a three-row stripe). According to my Ravelry project page, I used about 2100 yards of yarn for this blanket. The finished size is approximately 52.5 x 42.5 inches.

The black border is just two rounds of sc and one of hdc (dc and htr to you UK people). 

The three Willow Wash worsted colours are Night, Basalt and Turquoise. The turquoise looks a bit washed out in this light. The border is black Loops & Threads Impeccable Big! 

Time taken was just under two months, as I was also knitting the monster sweater at the same time. But it’s finished a month ahead of the deadline. I should probably send it through the washer and dryer to make sure all is well before giving it away. 

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