Scrappy five gram bag part 2


I’m taking the opportunity of the bright living room to get another photo of the bag. The base is about 7.5″ long by 1.5″ wide, and the sides are 7.5″ deep, so far. I haven’t run out of scraps yet.

I am hoping to have enough time to work some more rounds on this today, but I need to make dinner, and I will also be out this evening for a couple of hours. 

While I was out and about this morning, I remembered that I had a gift card for Chapters, so I went to look at the crochet books. I found two or three possibilities – I wanted one that had some different techniques and stitch patterns in it, rather than patterns for clothing etc. 

This is the one I decided to buy – The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet 2nd Edition by Margaret Hubert. 

Including taxes, it was about $29, but I only had to pay about $9, thanks to the gift card. 

I think I will squeeze in a few minutes of crochet right now (c;

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