Startitis again 


This is the mishmash of stuff next to me on the sofa tonight. Layers of yarn, really. At the bottom is the scrappy bag, which will remain there until I add a handle. On top of that is some bulky blue yarn that may become Birchbark Slippers. I’ve started on the first one. They’re very easy, just rectangles folded rather niftily at the toe, and whilst I did have a go at Tunisian crochet I found it a little hard on my hands so went over to plain old hdc. Incidentally, the blog I’ve linked to looks great, I’ve subscribed. Go check out her patterns and stuff. 

Top left is my handmade yarn bowl, filled rather appropriately with cotton yarn. I have another turquoise dishcloth finished, and three more half-skeins to use up. 

Oh yeah, and the circular knitting is Thorin’s cowl, to which I’ve added a few rounds tonight. I’m amazed how much I lean towards crochet these days, and that bulky Loops and Threads Charisma that I bought last week is calling out to me, asking to be made into a granny ripple afghan. 

Do you log your projects on Ravelry? I love to keep track of my WIPs and FOs and usually don’t let my works in progress get out of hand. The project photos display in rows of four, and I never (normally) let the WIPs take up more than one line. 

So I have the bag, 95% done, the cowl, maybe 20%, the slippers, 25%, and finally the garter stitch scarf in Red Heart Unforgettable which I’m trying to forget!!! If that yarn frogged (unravelled) well, I’d pull it out and crochet something with it instead. As it is, I may persevere until it’s long enough to make into a cowl and bind off. 

That’s four, so I’m not allowed to start another project until one of these is done. I’m working over the weekend so will look for something appropriate to add a strap to the bag, and it will be finished. 

We’re getting some lovely mild spring weather and I opened up some windows to air the house out and also went for a walk around the neighbourhood. What’s the weather like where you are?

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  1. I used to keep track of my projects on Revelry, but seems I spent more time doing that than actually crafting. I have plans to round up the UFO’s this weekend but I got a new project for my birthday and know I’ll want to start that before I finish up things. Rain here for us today and the snow is finally starting to vanish and patches of grass are showing.

  2. We’ve had rain, sun and strong wind, but Dh got the tree pruning done while I was at work.

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