Bag is officially 100% done


Here’s a photo of the bag, complete with strap, and a closer view, though the details are still a little fuzzy. 

At work today, I bought a metre of embroidered ribbon, thinking it would make a good strap, plus two little rectangular doohickeys for attaching the strap to the sides of the bag. 

However when I got home, I realised the ribbon would be too flimsy on its own, so I just had to quit being lazy and crochet a strap. And I did! With Tunisian simple stitch. The first time I’ve actually made something useful with Tss. Then I sewed the ribbon to the back of the crochet, attached it to the plastic doohickeys at each end, and hey presto it was done. 

So excited to go and update my Ravelry project page to show it’s 100% finished. 

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