Easy crochet scarf that’s actually a belt


I used this free pattern from bobwilson123.org (and she has a tutorial on You Tube) to make a quick and easy belt. The idea was to make a sash type belt to wear at work, that would coordinate with black pants and the red t-shirt that we sometimes have to wear on big sale days. In fact, that probably means I’ll need it this Saturday. 

I wore a hole in the front of the t-shirt really quickly, from leaning against the fabric cutting tables. So this belt will tie around my hips right over the hole! 

With hindsight, I maybe should have made it longer, but I’ll test drive it this weekend and see how it goes. 

I used a 5mm crochet hook, some Bernat Super Value, Loops & Threads Impeccable and Willow Wash. It’s a really simple idea – lots of chains, joined at regular intervals with a single crochet. Once you have the foundation chain made, and you’ve counted things out for the second row, it’s plain sailing!

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