Broomstick lace 



I didn’t expect to be trying broomstick lace this week, but one of the groups that I follow on Ravelry is running a technique crochet-along for April. It’s the CAL From Paris with Love group and the pattern is one designed by Margaret Hubert, Broomstick Lace Hat. There is an online source, but interestingly I also found it in my newest book so I used the paper version rather than my iPad. 


The biggest knitting needles I have say they’re a size 35, which is approximately 19mm. I used one of those as the “broomstick” and a 5.5mm hook, plus some mystery pink acrylic from the stash. 

The first two rows were painfully slow and fiddly, and I was wondering whether I would persevere, but persevere I did and soon got the hang of it. There are mistakes in it but they’re not life threatening! (I just had to anchor a dropped loop inside the hat.)

Working the single crochets along the side edges (for the crown and brim) didn’t make for a very smooth edge. If I were to use this technique again, it would perhaps be for a scarf where no edging would be required. 


And now, as usual, it’s time for bed. I’ve been working the last two days so it’ll be nice to enjoy a quiet Sunday. Happy Easter, if that is what you celebrate (I won’t even be having chocolate, unless it’s raw)!

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  1. What a neat hat…I was looking for a cute pattern for Scout’s new little girlfriend…

    ~Have a lovely day!

    ps…catching up here…I loved your skirt too…and Congratulations on your patterns…

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