Random thoughts 


So let’s see, what’s new? Ticks! Yup, went hiking today, came home, and this evening a couple of ticks were spotted wandering around on me but thankfully not embedded. They were evicted!

My friend tells me that rose geranium oil is supposed to be a good deterrent. I think I will have to invest, because it’s a bit creepy having bugs on you that want to suck your blood, and may carry Lyme disease too.

Word of the Day: Formication – a feeling like insects are crawling on your skin. MmmHmmm, I have that tonight – phantom ticks only, I hope. 

What else? I have a new fridge/freezer with the freezer on the bottom. My husband and oldest son kindly went to Sears after work to pick up our new appliances. We thought the fridge was going to be a bit deep for the space but bought it anyway. It actually fits perfectly. Love love love the eye level fridge. The stove isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I initially was looking at ceramic tops, then changed my mind. So it’s a new stove but with coil elements, and it’s what they call European convection, in other words, a true convection oven. That probably means I’ll have to get used to faster cooking times. And no switching baking sheets halfway through, which will be  nice. The dishwasher, well, we haven’t had a functional dishwasher in years. The one that came with the house was so noisy and never really worked very well, so I never relied on it. But now we have a new Kenmore (made by Bosch) and once Tai Chi Man has had a good night’s sleep after his long day I’m sure it’ll be working perfectly. So far he’s done some wiring in, but it needs to be hooked up to the water supply and the drain. 

I am always grateful for a husband who is also a Mr Fixit. 

I didn’t get around to any Yarny crafty stuff today. I was optimistic that my big box of yarn was going to arrive from Deramores this week, but sadly it didn’t. So disappointing! Maybe Monday. Cataloging the new yarn on my Ravelry stash page will take some time. 

I’ve managed ten days of raw eating (except for the one blip when we went out to dinner for ds1’s birthday). There’s been a couple of times when my self discipline wavered, mostly when I was really hungry from having waited too long to eat, but I managed to stick to it. My jeans are more comfortable now, though I’m not weighing myself. I just wanted to cleanse a little and hopefully fit into my summer clothes! 

Have an awesome weekend. :3

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