Sunday evening update


Hi Bloggy Friends, just dropping in to say hello and update you on yarny progress chez NicolaKnits. 



…is the bag I’m taking to the hospital on Tuesday. A flannelette elephant bag, made years ago, with two skeins of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in blues and greens, with a coordinating crochet hook and some folding scissors. I have to call the hospital tomorrow to find out what time to go in on Tuesday, and you can guarantee there will be waiting time. I don’t know whether I will feel like crocheting after the stapedectomy (ear surgery to restore hearing in my left ear) as I will be dopey from the anaesthetic and possibly feeling dizzy too. But I’m in overnight and I can’t imagine not taking something with me…just in case. 


Here is the granny blanket so far. I’ve been using my Willow Wash leftovers, and have had to be careful which ones as I want to get all the way around with one colour. So tonight I went and dug out the rest of my Willow Wash and Knit Picks Brava and brought it upstairs with the intention of adding more colours to the blanket. 

I haven’t been changing direction at all, which means the centre is starting to look skewed, but that’s okay. It’s also not perfectly square but I’m not going to stress about that either. 

There’s a thread on the Ravelry yarn forum called Flash your Stash 2015 (I think they have one for every year) but I’m not going to pull out everything just to get a photo. However here is a shot of everything that’s not Wash or Brava, in the cubbies in my craft room.


It’s mostly random acrylic in worsted and DK weights, with a few other yarns thrown in, sorted by colour family. The zippered bags at bottom right are my new Stylecraft Special Aran. I’m saving that for now. 

Not a lot really, and not too many $$$ invested, but enough that if I feel the urge to create I don’t necessarily have to dash out and buy more. 

Well, I’m hoping that the next couple of weeks of enforced home time are productive and that I don’t just stagger around the house, more unbalanced than usual 😉 

I have plenty of potential things to do, including filing, sewing, crochet, watching Season 5 of Downton Abbey. And work has scheduled me for two shifts right after those two weeks are up, by which time I intend to be feeling fine. Here’s hoping you have a marvellous Monday. 

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