Day 3


i slept okay, considering I was being careful not to turn on my left side. At about 7, I was awake, and Tai Chi Man was preparing to go to work. He helped me out to the living room sofa, set me up with ginger tea and backup hot water in a thermos, a banana, and my various bits and pieces, and I spent the day watching Netflix, finishing my library book, crocheting on the giant granny blanket, filing some paperwork, and eating a little. 

I managed to make it to the bathroom a couple of times on my own and even made a cup of tea and some toast. 

I had a bit of a nap and now I’m back on the iPad, wrapped in blankets. I’ve been feeling pretty chilly the last few days.

One side effect has been that the left side of my tongue feels almost numb, or as if the taste buds aren’t working. I emailed my mum and she says she remembers the same thing, though it’s temporary. That’s good! It’s an odd feeling, tasting with only half of your mouth. 

So again, no photos to share. My head is still doing funny things if I move it too fast, so I’ll be taking it easy this evening, and hoping for further improvement tomorrow.   And I’ll get a photo of the granny progress. 

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