Granny’s getting bigger



The giant granny blanket is approximately 29″ square now. I don’t seem to have a tape measure to hand, so I estimated. The photo looks darker on one side because I laid it on the floor near a window, so there’s a shadow. The close up is to show the colours – I’ve not had to repeat any yet, except of course the Currant. I think the border will end up being very bright, as I have three pink and three turquoise skeins still to draw from, and a skein each of the orange, lime and yellow. 

This is a great project for me right now. It keeps my lap warmer and gives me changing colours to work with, but it’s simple. 

What are you making?

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  1. Oooo! Scroll the page up and down and focus on the top photo! It made me feel sea sick! It makes it look like the blanket is waving! I keep wanting to start a new big blanket but I am not sure what colours to use yet. I’m making a dress at the moment but the pattern has a few errors so I am pretty much making it up as I go now.

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