Unforgettable hat


This is the Unforgettable Hat from crochetincolor.blogspot.com. 

I started it yesterday, got all the way to the ribbing, but found the ribbing a little slow going so finished it off today. It’s crocheted in the round from the top down, and the ribbing is made horizontally, attaching as you go. My gauge was slightly different from the pattern, so whilst I kept the same stitch count, I added more rounds (20 in all) before starting the ribbing (which is just sc in the back loop). I also wanted to make sure it was slouchy enough, hence the extra length. 

This is an easy free pattern, took only 0.6 of a skein (approximately 170 yards) of the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, and a 5mm hook. 

A fun little distraction from the granny square. And it goes so well with the cowl. Sally the styrofoam head approves!


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