Giant granny progress



Two update photos, one inside, one out. Wow, it’s warm out there, even the north window thermometer is saying 23 degrees Celsius. 

The blanket is approximately 41″ square now and the border is just going to be what I can manage with the colours I have left, but odd numbers, so one or three or five rounds of each colour. I did one of orange and three of teal so far. Each round adds about an inch to the width. 

I have seen a neat idea for making the last round of clusters angled, so it adds a bit of interest – I favourited the project in Ravelry to remind myself how to make it. I’ll let you know how it works out. 

Of course, while I’m working on this project my brain is thinking about what comes next. I’ve been surfing Ravelry’s database for inspiration and I’d rather like to make a teacosy. One skill I haven’t learned is tapestry crochet so I have sketched out a graph for a possible pattern – it’s the Chinese character for ‘tea’ and I have sent a picture of it to one of my Taiwanese friends for her to confirm that Google Translate isn’t leading me astray. Once I receive her reply, I can move forward with that plan. 

Hmmm, the sun is disappearing and stormy clouds are moving in. Hopefully we’ll get some much-needed rain tonight. 

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