Busting out the Stylecraft 


I had fun tipping out the Stylecraft Aran into a pile on the floor tonight. I didn’t quite roll around in it but it was tempting! 

I volunteered for my first pattern test today. I probably can’t talk about it too specifically, but I’ve been lurking on various pattern testing groups on Ravelry, looking to see what new designs are being created and waiting for just the right one to appear. Today a rather lovely bag came up, it’s crochet, it’s colourful, it looks doable, and the deadline is reasonable, so I’ve picked the colours in the photo above to make it.

The designer emailed me the pattern and I started on the base tonight but it’s coming out too small so I’ve asked her if it’s okay to move up to a larger hook. The base is supposed to be 5.5″ in diameter and I can tell mine would only be about 4.5″ and that’s way too small. I’m thinking I’ll have to go up two hook sizes at least. 

Being picky about editing/proofreading a pattern is right up my street! 

The granny blanket hasn’t had any attention yet, but I’ll be picking it up in a moment. Today was spent cleaning up the kitchen and bathroom this morning, and visiting with a friend this afternoon (which included putting on a pair of shorts and  going outside for some sunbathing)! Once dinner was made, I was wiped and just wanted to veg out. 

I also had a bit of fun going through my Ravelry stash entries and matching them up to the unlabelled yarn that I have to make it easier to identify what’s what when I pull it out to use it. All that’s left to do is finish the granny and log what’s left of the gold, turquoise and pink Willow Wash. Annoyingly, Ravelry still thinks there are 113g to a skein but the Wash now comes in 100g skeins, which means a bit of messing about on the stash pages. 

Happy crocheting!

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