Testing testing


I told you last time that I was testing a new design so I couldn’t really say much about it. Well, I finished making it and the designer has okayed me setting up a project page on Ravelry, so I guess it’s all right for me to show you a photo of the finished object. 

I will give you a link to the finalized pattern when I have one. First, all the testers have to finish their bags and complete the reporting back process, and then the designer will need to get the pattern ready for publication. It’s a cute bag, isn’t it! It’s quite small, about 8″ across, and I used 8 of the Stylecraft Special Aran colours with a 5mm hook. 

It’s lined too, and even has a pocket inside.

And now, one last push to the finish for the giant granny, which only needs three rounds to be finished. Two FOs in one day!

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  1. Lots of crochet around here! Hoping to get the boys to vacuum the house today.

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