Cosmos fields shawl On the hook



This photo doesn’t quite show the colours accurately but I’m happy with the combination. Earlier today, I started out with seven colours – these six plus Meadow, the green. However the green just didn’t play nicely with the others – it looked dull and out of place. So I frogged it but couldn’t find another colour that was just right to substitute for the green so I am proceeding with six. The stripes will get wider as I make my way down the shawl. 

The stitch pattern is very easy to memorize; by the time you’re on row three, you have it and don’t need to refer to the pattern until the border. 

It was hard to put it down long enough to blog about it, so back I go!

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  1. Did Roy get the faucet in? We went to Merritt to look at Shetland Sheep Dogs over the weekend. Will keep you posted. I pray you have a good week coming up…..lots of healing for you. I am here if you need a friend and love from Jeanette

  2. Lovely colours for the shawl. I like the pattern but have to decide if I need another shawl … got 3 hanging on the back of my chair already and I already made 4 to give away. 🙂

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