Cosmos Fields Shawl



I have already chosen my next project. The Cosmos Fields Shawl from Zooty Owl is a beautiful but simple shawl pattern that has been in my Ravelry queue for a while now. The Stylecraft Special Aran was once again tipped out and rooted through. Considering this is something I will wear, I haven’t gone for anything too scrappy. I used my trusty colour wheel to choose analogous colours from green through blue-green and blue to blue-violet. 

I wanted an odd number of colours – one of my quirks! So after a lot of thought, switching skeins in and out of the lineup, this is what I have. Meadow, lavender, aspen, aster, magenta, plum and teal.

I have two skeins of each, minus what I used in the bag, which should be plenty. 

Tai Chi Man is having a fun Sunday morning (not!) replacing the kitchen tap. We bought a new tap, or faucet if you prefer, which claims to be a 15 minute fitting job, however that doesn’t count the removal of the old one plus all the fiddling one has to do with fitting the new one to the old sink. There has been much grumbling and mumbling and at least one Band Aid so far. And the water’s off, so I can’t go and get washed and dressed yet. 

I’m glad he is such a capable Mr Fixit. Saves a lot in handyman fees. 

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