Last day of convalescence 


I’m glad to say that today is Day 14 of my stay-at-home convalescence. I have loved the guiltless laziness, knowing when I wake up in the morning that I don’t have anything on the calendar, and I can crochet or watch Netflix to my heart’s content. However it will be nice to get back to driving places, visiting with friends, walking and yoga-ing and shopping. 

We have some more preparations to do before my father in law arrives for a three week stay. And I do love crossing things off the To Do List. 

The Cosmos Fields shawl is growing quickly. I did try a few photo options but I’m not sure that the colours are really displaying at their best. 

 All those lovely ends to weave in!  At least the ends are fewer as the stripes get wider. 

The housework was done to my satisfaction today. I did most of it myself except for the vacuuming. One boy did downstairs, the other upstairs. I was thinking of lying out in the sunshine this afternoon, but even though it was a warm day it clouded up and we are having a windy showery evening. The laundry came inside just in time. 

Going back to my hook now…

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